Jupiter – Years 3 & 4


Welcome to Jupiter Class!

My name is Miss Molloy and I am your child’s class teacher. In our class, the children have Ms Goodey and Mrs Douglas supporting us with our work too.

This half term we will be learning lots of exciting new things. Our topic is “Meet The Flinstones”, which is all about the Stone Age. This links very well with our Science topic all about Rocks, Fossils and Soil.

We sing every day at 3pm, and we do music on a Friday at 9am. Our class song at the moment is “Blackbird” by the Beatles.

In whole class reading we have been reading “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” and we are using this learning to write through drama this half-term.

In Maths, we are becoming more and more independent and checking our own work. We are particularly focusing on our times tables knowledge this year, as it is so essential to all Maths learning. We are focusing on fractions this half term so that we are ready for Year 4 and Year 5.

Now children are in the Juniors they will need to bring their own fruit for a playtime snack. I will remind them to take this to the playground.

A few helpful reminders:

Some children have swimming on a Tuesday – if they do, they will have received a letter. Children must have a kit, hat and towel.

We all have PE on a Wednesday (and the children who don’t swim this half term will also do PE with me on a Tuesday). Children must have their PE kit.

Children must read and have their reading record signed every night. If this isn’t completed more than twice in a week then your child will miss playtime to read.

Homework is due in on Wednesday. I will mark it and return it on Thursday. If homework isn’t completed then children will be expected to complete it at playtime.

Please collect your child from the classroom at the end of the day.