Stars & Moon – Reception

Welcome to Stars and Moon Class

Our names are Miss Hanifin and Mr Wrigley and we are your child’s class teachers. In our class, the children have Ms Marshall and Miss Galvin supporting us with our work too.

This half term we will be learning lots of new things. Our topics this term will be ‘animals and sustainability’ we will learning about classifying and grouping animals, learning about their habitats and special features that make them unique. We are also learning about sustainability and how we can care for our environment

In English we have started a great new text called ‘The Mitten’. We will be learning and retelling this story using story maps and actions. We’ll then be writing our own version of a journey story based on the story of ‘The Mitten’.

In Maths we will be focusing on numbers; recognising numerals to 20, ordering numerals counting groups of objects up to 20 and matching to numerals. We will also be looking at addition and subtraction of two single digit numbers. We will be comparing groups of objects saying which has more or fewer. We will also be learning about 2D and 3D shapes; the language used to describe shapes.

Snacks and water will be provided throughout the day in reception. The children do not need to bring in a water bottle.

A few helpful reminders:

We have PE once a week. PE will be on a Thursday. Our PE hall session is shared between Stars and Sun Classes. Reception have their own outdoor space so physical activities happen on a daily basis. Children do not need a PE kit. They only need plimsolls for PE sessions.

Children must read and have their reading record signed every night.

Homework is due in on Tuesday. I will mark it and return it on Thursday.

Please collect your child from the playground/ classroom at the end of the day.