Saturn – Year 4 & 5

My name is Miss Hall and I am your child’s class teacher. In our class, we also have Miss Harvey supporting us with our work too.

This year we will be doing many topics in Topic and Science such Earth and Space, Rule Britannia and many more. We will also be going on trips at least each term to further your child’s learning. We will teach our Reading and English topics using Talk for Writing techniques and our units are based on a variety of texts that the children will learn and then innovate. In Maths, we will use a wide range of resources and strategies to support our learning. It is particularly important that we learn all our times tables this year as we have the Year 4 times tables test at the end of the year!

A few helpful reminders:

We have PE twice a week. Children must have their PE kit for both days- please check with your child which days these are. Children must read and have their reading record signed every night. If this isn’t completed more than twice in a week then your child will miss playtime to read.

Homework is due in on Wednesday. I will mark it and return it on Thursday. If homework isn’t completed then children will be expected to complete it at playtime. 

Please collect your child from the playground at the end of the day.

We have made a great start to our learning this half term, and I can’t wait to get to know you and your child throughout the year.