The school aims to promote good attendance and punctuality by valuing each child and his/her family as expressed in our Mission Statement, by providing a secure  atmosphere and by offering support where needed.


Responsibility for attendance and punctuality is shared by parents, children (when they are old enough) and school.


Parents are required by law to ensure their children receive full time education.

If a child is absent the parents are required to inform the school of the reason and the school decides whether the absence can be authorised or not.

The Office for Standard in Education (OFSTED) considers attendance lower than 90% to be a serious weakness i.e. missing the equivalent of 1 day in every 10.


The school expects high attendance and punctuality in order for a child to access an appropriate and broad curriculum and to ensure the best possible experience for them.

In this school regular attendance is defined as being 96% attendance or above. If the school is concerned about a child’s attendance and/or punctuality the parents will be notified. If there is no improvement the school’s Education Welfare Officer will be informed.

To promote good attendance the school will reward the class and children with good attendance and punctuality certificates on a regular basis.


Children who arrive after 9 a.m. must be recorded onto the ‘late register’ by a member of staff situated in the ‘tunnel’ area next to the office.


When children are absent parents must notify the school.  They may do this in the first instance by phone or in person. Parents must then complete a pink absence form stating the reason why the child was absent, the school will determine whether the absence is authorised.

Parents are notified of their child’s absences at teacher conferences and in their child’s Annual Written Report.

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