Catholic Life of School

We had our Catholic Schools Inspectorate inspection at the end of January 2023 – please find the report here. There was much to be celebrated, with Nancy Conoboy, the Chief Inspector of Schools writing:

“The report highlights the School’s authentic response to the call to live as a Catholic community at the service of the Church’s educational mission.  The children are rightly proud of their fundraising endeavours and the fact they were able to articulate the scriptural rationale behind them, is to be commended.  It was lovely to read about the School’s (edible) garden and the work undertaken to introduce the children to growing plants and vegetables whilst focusing on sustainability and God’s role as Creator.  It is only through projects such as this, that the children can really gain an understanding of Laudato Si and the responsibility that comes with being a faithful steward.

A clear strength of the school is the strong sense of community that has been cultivated. The report emphasises the excellent relationships fostered that make St John’s a supportive and happy place to learn and work.”

At St John Evangelist Catholic School we work collaboratively with our parents, parish and the wider community in order to promote, develop and sustain our community through the Catholic life of the School.

We are a school of prayer. We encourage religious devotion in simple and regular practices during the school day. We celebrate the liturgy of the Church following the seasons and feast days of the Church’s year.

We teach children to understand the meaning of justice and support them to act justly and to promote the common good. We enable our community to reach out to suffering and marginalised individuals and communities locally and globally through our charitable events and fundraising.

We are open and welcoming to people of other faiths and no faith. In collaboration with our Parish clergy we promote the Christian life and Catholic identity of the school. This work can be evidenced through the celebrations and events as outlined in our newsletters and displayed on our website.


Please click on the link to see an overview of the charities we are very proud to support.