Faith Leaders

 At the start of each academic year, Mrs Raheem-Lee and Fr Jakub interview and appoint a number of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils to be ‘Faith Leaders’.

The Pope says, ‘…by learning from one another, we can better reflect that wonderful multifaceted reality that Christ’s Church is meant to be. She will be able to attract young people, for her unity is not monolithic, but rather a network of varied gifts that the Spirit ceaselessly pours out upon her, renewing her and lifting her up from her poverty’ (Christus vivit, 207).

What does a Faith Leader do?

Faith Leaders have a special role in St John Evangelist Catholic Primary School. They meet regularly with the guidance of Mrs Raheem-Lee and Fr Jakub to reflect on, and further develop, the prayer life of the school. They have a termly action plan which you can read here:

2023 – 2024

Autumn Term 2023 – Faith Leader Action Plan

Spring Term 2024 – Faith Leader Action Plan


2022 – 2023

Autumn Term 2022 – Faith Leader Action Plan 

Spring Term 2023 – Faith Leader Action Plan

Summer Term 2023 – Faith Leader Action Plan


Faith Leaders are excellent role models for others in the school community.

Faith Leaders discuss and choose which charities the school will support each year. They are then responsible for organising, promoting and participating in charity events.

Faith Leaders lead acts of worship in classrooms and assemblies and support others to lead worship.

Faith Leaders are willing to share their Catholic beliefs with their peers.

Faith Leaders prepare for whole school Mass.

Faith Leaders will send home a termly Newsletter to share their work with the school community.





What have the Faith Leaders Achieved?

Faith Leaders Newsletter Autumn 1

Faith Leaders Newsletter Autumn 2

Faith Leaders Newsletter Spring Term

St John Evangelist Food Bank

We created our own food bank just before the Christmas break. We asked our families for food donations following the Caritas Westminster Advent Giving Calendar – we received so many donations we were able to then make up 42 large food donation bags. We took these to the front of the Church to be distributed to families.

Pupil Chaplaincy Away Day:

Visited Cathedral Hall with a number of other schools in the Westminster Diocese and learnt about their role as Faith Leaders and how to use their role to develop prayer and worship in the school.

Raised money for ‘Jeans for Genes’ by organising a non-uniform day

Organised a Harvest collection of food items to be given to a local food bank

Collected for CAFOD by holding a second non-uniform day

During Advent they collected food and home items for a local food bank using the Caritas Reverse Advent calendar

Led Collective Worship in other classes


They supported ‘Kids Out – The Giving Tree’ – handing out gift tags for pupils and parents to buy a gift for a vulnerable child at Christmas.

“We are like Jesus at St Johns because we do lots of things for others not just ourselves. We support charities like CAFOD but we also help children inside the school with our Playground Friends and Faith Leaders. We do things like reading the Bible in assembly, going to church and having altar servers. These are the things that Jesus would want us to do and so we do them – and we try to do them with gratefulness and gratitude.”          Catherine – Year 5