Sun Class – Nursery


Welcome to Sun class!

Our class topic this term is ‘Our World’ and using Pupils voices, we have decided collectively to learn about what animals live on our land, live in the sea and fly in the air. We will also be touching on different countries and which animals can survive in certain climates. Our current text is ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ We will be learning this story using a story map, actions and the life cycle. Sun class will be able to verbally and creatively draw pictures to re-tell the story, and make up our own story of ‘Our World’ by the end of the term. We will be learning about colours, colour mixing and trying to colour within the lines. We are also learning about recycling, and how it effects ‘Our World.’

The children will begin learning their letter sounds during phonics this half term. We will be starting with m,a,s,d,t and continue with vocal sounds for oral blending and segmenting.


A few helpful reminders:

Snacks and water are provided every day throughout the day for the children.

Please bring in your child’s reading record every day. Children must read and have their reading record signed every night.

Please collect your child from the Sun class playground at the end of the day (3:15pm) and remember to let the office know if someone different will be collecting your child.


Thank you for your continued support.


Ms Younas


Please click on the document below to find out what your child will be learning in Nursery this year:

Nursery Overview 2021