Religious Education

At St John Evangelist Catholic Primary School, Religious Education is at the core of everything we do. We ensure that our children start their educational journey and begin shaping their lives with Christ at the centre. We want to capture each child’s love for learning as they grow throughout the years. We value every child as an individual and aim to ensure that the environment is one they can flourish and thrive in.


For the teacher:

  • To encourage the children to enlist Christ with everything they do

  • To lead the children to have a deeper understanding of the Religious Education curriculum

  • To have a clear understanding of how to plan and assess the children against the attainment targets

For the child:

  • To have engaging and inclusive Religious Education opportunities

  • To have the opportunity to plan and access collective act of worship sessions and feel proud of the responses they produce

  • To develop a relationship with God

  • To grow to be ambassadors of the Earth and show the love and respect for themselves and one another

Our approach to the teaching of Religious Education

At St John Evangelist, we follow the ‘Come and See’ scheme and use the Religious Education Curriculum Directory to cover all aspects of the Religious Education curriculum. 10% of curriculum teaching time is dedicated to the teaching of Religious Education. 

Four week topics are incorporated into the whole school curriculum map/cycle and a letter is sent home each term outlining what the children will be studying and how parents can help their child at home. 

RE Curriculum Map 2022 – 2023

RE Policy 2022 – 2023


Relationship and Sex Education is a statutory subject in all schools. Our Mission Statement commits us to the education of the whole child (spiritual, physical, intellectual, moral, social, cultural, emotional) and we believe that RSE is an integral part of this education. We will endeavor to raise pupils’ self-esteem, help them to grow in knowledge and understanding, recognise the value of all persons and develop caring and sensitive attitudes. It is in this context that we commit ourselves: To love, to learn with God in our hearts.

At St John’s we use a Diocesan approved scheme called, TenTen – Life to the Full. Life to the Full has a Parent Portal so you can access the learning and resources we use in school.

Please use this link: Life To The Full – Primary – Ten Ten Resources

You can access the full RSE Policy here: RSE Policy 2022 – 2023


A copy of the ‘Wednesday Word’ is emailed each week to support home/school/parish links. RE class homework is included on a homework cycle in all Key Stages. Each week children practice a different prayer and practice age specific vocabulary.

You can access The Wednesday Word here: The Wednesday Word

Partnership with Parents

Parents play a key role in developing their children’s understanding and reflective skills in order to discuss their faith and love for God. As the first educators of your child, together we can work to ensure your child is exposed to a rich and spiritual environment to deepen their relationship with God.

What you can do at home:

  • Time is made to pray with your child every day

  • Ensure you practice your child’s religious vocabulary Religious Vocabulary for each year group 

  • Practise prayers with your child

  • Complete the termly RE homework

Other Faiths:

Children are highly respectful of one another and staff of different religious backgrounds. Every year, we spend one week in the autumn term learning about Judaism and one week in the summer term learning about Islam. Children are fortunate to receive high quality visits from people of other faiths during these weeks. When learning about Judaism, Ruth Jampel, ‘Judaism for Schools’, presents a highly engaging assembly and visits each class for a workshop. The children love these visits as she always brings high-quality resources and food to taste! During the Summer Term, Imran Kotwal from Muslim Learner Services, visits and again leads assemblies and fantastic hands-on class workshops to develop children’s understanding of another religion. 

Religious Websites to visit with your child:

Mark 10 Mission 

Together at One Altar

CAFOD Kids Zone

Catholic Kids